Herculite XRV Ultra Unidose: Dentin A3 (20 x 0.20g)

Herculite XRV Ultra Unidose: Dentin A3 (20 x 0.20g)
Nano-hybrid composite with excellent handling, polishability and wear resistance. [DETAILS]
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27-433Herculite XRV Ultra - Dentin A1 Syringe (4g)£37.65
27-434Herculite XRV Ultra: Dentin A2 Syringe (4g)£37.65
27-435Herculite XRV Ultra: Dentin A3 Syringe (4g)£37.65
27-436Herculite XRV Ultra: Dentin A3.5 Syringe (4g)£37.65
27-437Herculite XRV Ultra: Dentin B1 Syringe (4g)£37.65
27-438Herculite XRV Ultra: Dentin B2 Syringe (4g)£37.65
27-439Herculite XRV Ultra - Dentin C2 Syringe (4g)£37.65
27-440Herculite XRV Ultra - Dentin D2 Syringe (4g)£37.65
27-441Herculite XRV Ultra - Dentin D3 Syringe (4g)£37.65
27-463Herculite XRV Ultra Unidose: Dentin A1 (20 x 0.20g)£39.85
27-464Herculite XRV Ultra Unidose: Dentin A2 (20 x 0.20g)£39.85
27-466Herculite XRV Ultra Unidose: Dentin A3.5 (20 x 0.20g)£39.85
27-467Herculite XRV Ultra Unidose: Dentin B1 (20 x 0.20g)£39.85
27-468Herculite XRV Ultra Unidose: Dentin B2 (20 x 0.20g)£39.85
27-469Herculite XRV Ultra Unidose: Dentin C2 (20 x 0.20g)£39.85
27-484Herculite XRV Ultra Unidose: Dentin D2 (20 x 0.20g)£39.85
27-485Herculite XRV Ultra Unidose: Dentin D3 (20 x 0.20g)£39.85

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Herculite XRV Ultra nanohybrid composite

Another high-quality product clinicians can trust from Kerr. 

Based on the latest nanofiller technology, in addition to offering improved handling, polishability and wear resistance, Herculite XRV Ultra
delivers an improved lifelike appearance to final restorations by replicating the opalescence and fluorescence
of the natural tooth.


  • 120 x 0.20g Unidose Capsules
Additional Information

Additional Information

Short DescriptionNano-hybrid composite with excellent handling, polishability and wear resistance.
Enamel or DentineDentine
PresentationCapsule refills
Product SetHerculiteXRVUltra-Dentine

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