G-ænial Anterior 20 Unitips - A2

G-ænial Anterior 20 Unitips - A2
G-ænial gives you a user-friendly restorative that is indicated for highly aesthetic single shade or multi-shade build-ups in all restorative classes. [DETAILS]
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316-0184G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - BW£43.65
316-0185G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - A1£43.65
316-0186G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - A2£43.65
316-0187G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - A3£43.65
316-0188G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - A3.5£43.65
316-0189G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - A4£43.65
316-0190G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - B2£43.65
316-0191G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - B3£43.65
316-0192G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - C3£43.65
316-0193G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - CV£43.65
316-0194G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - CVD£43.65
316-0195G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - AO2£43.65
316-0196G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - AO3£43.65
316-0197G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - AO4£43.65
316-0198G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - JE£43.65
316-0199G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - AE£43.65
316-0200G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - TE£43.65
316-0201G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - IE£43.65
316-0202G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - SE£43.65
316-0203G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - CVE£43.65
316-0204G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - XBW£43.65
316-0205G-ænial Anterior 2.7ml Syringe - B1£43.65
316-0206G-ænial Anterior 20 Unitips - A1£61.95
316-0208G-ænial Anterior 20 Unitips - A3£61.95
316-0209G-ænial Anterior 20 Unitips - A3.5£61.95
316-0210G-ænial Anterior 20 Unitips - AO3£61.95
316-0211G-ænial Anterior 20 Unitips - CV£61.95
316-0212G-ænial Anterior 20 Unitips - AE£61.95
316-0213G-ænial Anterior 20 Unitips - IE£61.95
316-0214G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - BW£31.25
316-0215G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - A4£31.25
316-0216G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - B2£31.25
316-0217G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - B3£31.25
316-0218G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - C3£31.25
316-0219G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - CVD£31.25
316-0220G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - AO2£31.25
316-0221G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - AO4£31.25
316-0222G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - JE£31.25
316-0223G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - TE£31.25
316-0224G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - SE£31.25
316-0225G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - CVE£31.25
316-0226G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - XBW£31.25
316-0227G-ænial Anterior 10 Unitips - B1£31.25

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G-ænial: Anterior - Unitip (20)

G-ænial is the material of choice when you are looking for a restorative that will meet the aesthetic expectations of all your patients - in most cases with only one shade.

Being a forgiving composite that offers beautiful and natural looking high gloss restorations whilst being extremely easy to use, makes it a composite suited to everyday use.

G-ænial also gives you more working time so you are free to shape and sculpt it to obtain the ideal anatomical form and aesthetics with ease.

  • Natural reflectivity creating natural restorations
  • Effortless manipulation
  • Simplified follow-ups
  • Physical properties for superb, long-lasting restorations.


  • 20 x 0.16ml tips
Additional Information

Additional Information

Short DescriptionG-ænial gives you a user-friendly restorative that is indicated for highly aesthetic single shade or multi-shade build-ups in all restorative classes.
Product SetG-nial-Anterior

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