Austrian Precision Engineering

The W&H Group, a family-run company based in Bürmoos, Austria, is one of the leading manufacturers of dental transmission instruments & devices in the world. Established in 1890 by the precision engineers Weber and Hampel, the company was the first manufacturer of mechanically operated straight and contra-angle handpieces in Europe.

Innovative product and service solutions, a strong focus on research and development, vision and social responsibility have made W&H a successful local and global player.

W&H has 1000 employees throughout the world, and exports its products to more than 110 countries.

W&H products are among the best quality instruments on the market and are used worldwide in dentists’ practices, dental hospitals, dental laboratories and in micro-surgery


Alegra TE-98 Turbine

The Alegra TE-98 dental turbine handpiece offers top quality due to its precision manufacture. Ceramic bearings guarantee vibration-free and quiet operation and ensure an extremely long service life.

  • Ceramic ball bearings.
  • Powerful and reliable performance.
  • Patented hygienic head system.
  • Integrated resuction stop.
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable.




Synea Fusion TG-98 Turbine

With the Synea Fusion line of instruments, W&H offers turbines, straight and contra-angle handpieces in proven Synea quality with outstanding value for money. Four-port sprays and an ergonomic surface shape are standard, as are the familiar monobloc design of the straight and contra-angle handpieces and the ceramic bearings in the turbines.

  • Maximum field of illumination with LED+.
  • Optimum access, view and power.
  • Safe cooling with quattro spray.
  • Hygienic head system.



Synea Vision TK-98 LM Turbine

Discover the Synea Vision line – the turbine range for all treatment scenarios! Optimum cooling of the treatment site with 5-hole spray, four head sizes for every application case and Optimum service life and unexpected quietness during operation with ceramic ball bearings make for fatigue-free work.

  • Optimum cooling of the treatment site with Penta Spray.
  • Four head sizes for every application case.
  • Scratch-resistant surface improves aesthetics.
  • Optimum service life and unexpected quietness during operation with ceramic ball bearings.



Alegra WE-56 1:1 Contra-Angle

The Alegra WE-56 Contra-Angle Handpiece is a robust and durable dental contra-angle handpiece with a push-button chucking system. Thanks to the excellent ergonomics, the Alegra WE-56 Contra-Angle Handpiece from W&H prevents excessive strain on your hands during preparation.

  • Robust and durable.

  • Ergonomic design.

  • Simple bur changing with the push-button chucking system.

  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable.


Synea Vision WK-99 LT 1:5 Contra-Angle

The Synea Vision WK-99 LT 1:5 Contra-Angle Handpiece offers a long service life and excellent treatment results

  • Ceramic ball bearings and innovative gearing technology.
  • Easy to clean, comprehensive protection thanks to new surface coating.
  • Excellent grip and ergonomics with optimised shank profile and monobloc design.
  • Compact glass rod for outstanding illumination of the treatment site.

AM-25 RM Air Motor

W&H air motors are characterized by high motor power and a long lifespan. Power can be controlled smoothly in both forward and reverse drive. They are very quiet and ergonomic to use, with 360° rotation around the head of the motor, so no coupling is required. The air motors are available with or without light.

  • W&H air motors are characterized by high motor power and a long lifespan.
  • Power can be controlled smoothly in both forward and reverse drive.
  • They are very quiet and ergonomic to use, with 360° rotation around the head of the motor, so no coupling is required.


Lisa Fully Automatic Vacuum Steriliser

The new generation of Lisa sterilisers offers intelligent and innovative solutions like EliSense and EliTrace for extraordinary userfriendliness as well as traceability down to the individual instrument. The result: safety, convenience, reliability and speed at a whole new level.

  • EliSense inside: EliSense delivers information on the sterilization status, the temperature of the load and operation of the daily workflow.
  • EliTrace inside: For the first time, the sterilization process can be traced and documented down to the individual instrument or instrument kit. Without additional software or computers.
  • Easy to use: The specially developed, crystal-clear colour touchscreen guides you intuitively through the intelligent and simple menu structure.
  • Connected, simple, time-saving: With the Lisa mobile app, you can monitor and operate up to four sterilizers in real time using a smartphone or tablet from anywhere within the practice and all cycles are automatically saved at the same time.
  • New design: Its exterior is just as appealing thanks to an ergonomic, space-saving design and elegant, low-maintenance contours
  • High-performance: The reduced cycle time of 30 minutes for a 2 kg load ensures a longer service life of the instruments and reduced energy consumption. The innovative, patented Eco Dry technology adapts the drying time to reflect the load.
  • Traceable, seamless, safe. The traceability concept is the link between the sterilisation cycle and the patient file. This ensures seamless traceability for your hygiene protocol.
  • Risk-free cycle selection: The simple menu guidance makes it easy to select the automatic sterilisation cycles.
  • Safe cycles: The process assessment system monitors all current cycle parameters and guarantees a successful sterilisation result.
  • Check and release of load: The sterile load is checked and released. The cycle report is automatically saved to the memory card.
  • Simple labelling: The printed barcode labels are attached to the package with the sterilised instruments.
  • Storage: The packed instruments are used according to the first-in, first-out principle (FIFO). They must be used before the expiration date.
  • Transmission of data: The data is read into the patient file with the barcode scanner or the label is attached to thepatient card.

Lara Vacuum Steriliser

Discover simple operation and reliable traceability.

  • Touch screen: The Lara colour touch screen has been selected and designed to make your daily work easier, faster and more efficient. Lara also offers a comprehensive traceability system customized to your needs.
  • Easy to use: The intelligent menu structure of the new Lara sterilizers ensures extraordinarily high operating comfort: you can browse to the preset programmes quickly and intuitively using the large colour touchscreen.
  • Easy filling: A high capacity integrated funnel prevents water splashes during the filling process.
  • High capacity data logger: A high capacity USB drive automatically records the cycle reports throughout Lara’s entire service life. Optionally available: the
  • Lara label and cycle report printer with which you can document the traceability without an additional computer or separate software.
  • Effortless tank access: The tank cover can be easily removed without tools to clean the tank.
  • User identification: You can also acquire additional features such as user identification with Activation Codes: the user who has loaded/unloaded the sterilizer can be digitally recorded. Users are identified by a 6-digit PIN.
  • Automatic water filling: An automatic water filling valve allows you to connect a demineralization system. Manual filling and draining
    are no longer required.
  • Load release confirmation: Also available as an upgrade: the approval confirmation. This option digitally records the name of the end user and their confirmation of the successful sterilization and/or test cycle.


Assistina TWIN 

The new Assistina Twin is ergonomically designed to work effectively and efficiently making it even easier to maintain your handpieces. It is easy to clean and offers double the benefits, plus some never seen in a handpiece care and maintenance unit before. The Twin is the first reprocessing device to be equipped with two process chambers that can be used alternately, thus allowing for non-stop loading, making it easier and quicker to use.

The new Assistina TWIN is an automatic maintenance unit for:

  • Straight and contra-angle handpieces
  • Turbines
  • Air motors
  • Air-driven scalers
  • Surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces

The Assistina Twin offers absolute speed and efficiency by:

  • Reprocessing each handpiece in just 10 seconds
  • Allowing one handpiece to be loaded whilst a second is being processed
  • Making it possible to process up to 360 handpieces per hour

Existing systems use rotational lubrication which is time consuming, at 30 seconds per handpiece, due to moving the gearing components. The New Assistina TWIN technology oils all gearing components far more efficiently, in only 10 seconds per handpiece, making rotational lubrication a thing of the past

  • Consistent Maintenance Results Guaranteed - due to automated dosing of oil and cleaning solution
    Intuitive and easy to use - simple operation with just 1 button
  • Clean and Safe working environment – with exhaust air filtration
  • Innovative oil nebulization technology –producing an easily dispersible oil mist
  • Cost-effective – each refill contains sufficient oil and solution to maintain approximately 2,800 instruments
  • Flexibility - thanks to a wide range of handpiece adaptors
  • Simple cartridge and filter replacement – as no tools are needed


  • 5x Ring LED with Synea Vision for shadow-free illumination of the treatment area
  • Scratch-resistant surfaces for turbines, contra-angles and straight handpieces
  • First contra-angles with self-generated LED light
  • Self-generating optic couplings for turbines


  • Air Motors with 360° rotation around the head of the motor, so no coupling is required
  • Assistina automated handpiece cleaning and maintenance units