Quality & Performance

R&S was developed by GACD, the largest distributor of dental products in France and one of the world leaders in the distribution of dental products since 1979. In 39 years the R&S brand name has built its reputation on the excellent quality of its products and the extent of its range. R&S offers a broad range of over 1200 reliable and high performance products.

R&S permanently seek to enhance and perfect their products. A team of dentists and pharmacists ensure the development of reliable and high quality products, allowing them to regularly add innovative and quality products to the range.

R&S is one of many exclusive brands to us here at Dental Sky in the UK, Check out their huge range of great value products!

R&S Compo Flow

Compo Flow from R&S is a flowable, nanohybrid, light-curing composite for anterior restorations and small posterior restorations. 

  • Excellent abrasion resistance (fillers: 62% by weight and 48% by volume)
  • High wettability
  • Shiny appearance
  • Restorations without air inclusion
  • Low setting shrinkage
  • Good radiopacity

R&S Suprafil+ Composite

Suitable for anterior and posterior restorations with excellent aesthetics.

  • High translucency of enamel shades: exceptional aesthetic results

  • High abrasion resistance

  • Easy and long lasting polish

  • Does not stick to instruments

  • Easy to use

  • Soft. Radiopaque

  • Long working time

  • Anterior and posterior restorations

  • Direct and indirect restorations of class I to V

  • Core build up materials

  • Repairing and realisation of facings

  • Aesthetic corrections: shade and shape


Maximum precision in detail reproduction. High tear strength. Possibility of casting the model after disinfection.

  • Turboflex silicones consistency is suited to the ‘wash technique’ and to double mixing.
  • Turboflex has quite a long working time, followed by a very short setting time.
  • Exceptional detail reproduction
  • Thixotropy: washes are easily injected and do not overflow during setting
  • Hydrocompatibility: your impressions are always highly precise, even when in contact with gingival fluid and bleeding
  • Good dimensional stability
  • High elastic memory: 99% removal is easy, and you can make several models from one impression, with no risk of distortion

R&S Mega+ Amalgam Capsules

R&S have simplified opening with no need for accessories. No need for prior activation and sealing ensured and resealable at the tailings.

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and deformation.
  • Perfect sealing of the marginal seal: no caries recurrence.
  • Compatibility with various amalgamators.
  • Lack of zinc: very low setting expansion.
  • Condensation and easy carving.
  • Report alloy / mercury 1: 0.88. # 1: 400 mg of alloy. 2: 600 mg of alloy. No. 3: 800 mg alloy.

SupraSpeed+ Optic Turbine

Exceptional quality, accurate, efficient, reliable and remarkably affordable turbines.

  • Ergonomic with a small head for superior visibility.
  • 20 W power: ideal for difficult operations
  • Optimized angles for easy posterior access and quattro spray for improved cooling
  • High specification ceramic bearings for a long working life and resistance to repeated sterilization.

Tri Scaler Aqua

Multi-functional scaler with reservoir for standard, periodontic and endodontic scaling

  • 3 functions available: Scaling (G), Periodontic (P), Endodontic (E)

  • Reservoir capacity: 500ml

  • Power can be adjusted according to your needs (from 3 to 20 W) for a precise fit of the vibrations intensity.

  • Compatible with Satelec® and NSK® inserts type.


High powered light-curing unit available in 4 colour options.

  • Ergonomic and light handpiece.
  • 9 preset times with 3 modes: full power, progressive and pulsed.
  • Emission spectrum: 420-480nm.
  • Interchangeable battery - full charge gives 500 cycles of 10 seconds.


Ergonomically shaped ISO colour coded K-Files

R&S offer a wide range of ergonomically shaped ISO colour coded K-Files, hand files for for endodontics are produced to give the operator a smooth tactile sense inside the canal during instrumentation. The square section and twisted shape gives better flexibility and increases resistance to fracture.

  • Available in 21mm or 25mm length.

  • Colour coded stops: Red stop = 21mm and Blue stop - 25mm.

Diamond Burs

Top quality 100% controlled diamond burs.

R&S diamond burs offer the best possible reduction in tooth preparation procedures with a huge range of diamond grits. Diamonds are equally distributed on the bur offering maximum precision and minimum vibration, along with less pressure on the turbine.

  • Each and every one of our burs is microscopically tested.

  • High precision burs.

  • All shapes are available in coarse grit.

  • Made with natural diamonds.



  • Suprafil's high translucency of enamel shades: providing exceptional aesthetic results
  • Suprafil's high abrasion resistance
  • Turboflex's exceptional detail reproduction: impressions are always highly precise, even when in contact with gingival fluid and bleeding


  • Turboflex's high elastic memory: 99% removal is easy, and you can make several models from one impression, with no risk of distortion
  • Mega + has a perfect seal of the marginal seal: no caries recurrence.
  • Mega+ has excellent resistance to corrosion and deformation.
  • SupraSpeed+ is ergonomic with a small head for superior visibility.
  • SupraSpeed+'s optimized angles for easy posterior access.
  • Supralight's 9 preset times and 3 modes: full power, progressive and pulsed
  • Triscaler Aqua is capable of not only standard ultrasonic scalic, but also periodontic and endodontic.