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Premier is a family-owned business, founded in 1913 and led by the Charlestein family for four generations. With product sales in 75 countries, Premier Dental is one of the most trusted names in dentistry, and its products can be found in dentists’ offices around the world.

Premier is focused on creating “inspired solutions for daily dentistry” by embracing four pillars: forging deep connections with dental professionals; pursuing meaningful innovation of dental solutions; delivering solutions with proven effectiveness and undeniable success; and providing products that set the standard for the industry.

With the goal of connecting with the oral health professional in a more comprehensive and meaningful way, Premier welcomes inquires and feedback from dental professionals to forge closer relationships with our customers and continue to deliver innovative solutions.



predictable hemostasis and soft-tissue management in minutes!

Traxodent provides greater patient comfort whilst reducing chair time through hemostasis and retraction. With Traxodent retraction is quick and effective, only taking about 2 minutes. The soft paste puts gentle pressure onto the the sulcus whilst it absorbs excess crevicular fluid and blood, avoiding tearing of the gingiva and reducing pressure onto sensitive tissue.

  • Ergonomic disposable syringe and bendable syringe tip provides excellent reach or unit dose with lightwight, autoclavable syringe dispenser.
  • No fumbling with haemostatic solutions.
  • Increased patient comfort: Avoid tearing gingiva.
  • Easily absorbs excess crevicular fluid.
  • Traxodent rinses clean without leaving a film.

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    What Dental Sky loves about Premier

    • Traxodent's ergonomic disposable syringe and bendable syringe tip provides excellent reach.
    • Traxodent provides greater patient comfort: Avoid tearing gingiva.
    • Traxodent means no fumbling with haemostatic solutions.
    • Traxodent easily absorbs excess crevicular fluid.
    • Triple Trays provide three techniques in one easy step: Master impression, counter impression and bite registration.
    • Triple Trays are suitable for use with all rigid setting polyvinyl or polyether impression materials.
    • Triple Trays have very thin, loose webbing which will not distort when the patient closes.
    • Big Easy Ultralite sickle scalers are up to 30% lighter than other instruments.
    • Big Easy® scalers and curettes have thicker, softer grips for better control.
    • Big Easy Ultrasonic scaler inserts' ergonomically designed large handle provides maximum comfort and decreased fatigue.
    • Enamel Pro, the only prophy paste with ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) giving greater luster for whiter, brighter teeth.

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