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For over 150 years the syringe has seen little advancement in its technology, the Wand pain-free injections brings the administration of anaesthesia to the 21st century! Using its computer controlled flow rates it ensures that the anaesthesia is delivered below pain threshold.

The Wand makes for a more comfortable procedure for both you and your dentist. The modern look of this piece of equipment is much more assuring than an old fashioned syringe, whilst the dentist will look much more comfortable being able to grip the Wand handpiece much like a pen. You may not look forward to visiting the dentist, but knowing your dentist uses the wand makes your visit less anxious and a more comfortable experience for you.

When the dentist uses the wand he can choose to numb just one tooth, meaning there will be no numbness of the tongue, cheek or lip. This means that you can walk out after your appointment and get straight back into your routine, able to drink and smile.

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Needle phobia


With pain-free injections you can relax about visiting your dentist. Here are a few reasons why you might want to have treatment using the wand:

  • Pain free treatment
  • No risk of long term effects such as paraesthesia
  • Virtually no numbness or pain after the treatment
  • Able to numb just one tooth
  • More comfort for you and the dentist

Tackling needle phobia

For many people it is the fear of injections rather than the treatment that deters them or gives them an anxious feeling about visiting the dentist. Needle phobia affects roughly 20% of the adult population, and creates an unreasonable fear of having any medical treatment that will include the use of a needle. There are a variety of reasons why people have needle phobia, and the look and size of traditional needle syringe doesn't help.

With the Wand you can barely see the needle in the dentists hand, instantly creating a more relaxed environment for needle phobic patients. The Wand handpiece is held much like a pen, and because of this the dentist can insert the needle through gentle rotation, rather than forcefully pushing it in. This reduces the pain of the needle entering so much that patients have often said "when are you going to do it?".

Needle phobia

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Wand Testomonials

“The Wand is a wonderful innovation – no pain with injections – I wish this could have been around years ago!” – J. Baker

“Absolutely different from any other injection I’ve ever had. Totally painless and stress-free. The sounds {from the machine} are calming.” - E. West

“I found the Wand to be a lot better than the normal injection because it is a lot less painful than the normal injection even though it is longer. I preferred it and would definitely get it in the future. Out of 10 I would give it 10!” – L. Rice

“A vast improvement on the old style injection, no need to grip the side of chair as the anaesthetic hits the nerves of the tooth. Brilliant!!” – C. Catchpole