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A dental handpiece is the workhorse of the dental practice; without handpieces there are no fillings or crowns!

Most dentists know that to get a high standard of tooth preparation you need a high quality, precision made handpiece.

They also know that as the handpiece is spending most of it's life in a patients mouth, it must be very well made and very safe. They are, after all, a medical device and therefore regulated by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency).

NSK have been manufacturing extremely high quality, precision instruments for dentists since 1951.
Just like any precision instrument, it is vital that your handpieces are maintained correctly, serviced regularly and only ever repaired by fully trained technicians using original spare parts. Repairs must also be trusted to ensure the instrument maintains its 'as new' abilities and safety standards.

To send your NSK handpiece for a service/repair please download the form below.
NSK Repairs

NSK Repairs

Why send direct to NSK?

Using the 'Friends and Family' test; would you want a substandard handpiece used in your mouth?

The advantages of using NSKs own service and repair department are many:

  • Guaranteed genuine NSK spare parts
  • Fully qualified technicians
  • Fully tested and guaranteed repairs
  • Proof that the instrument is safe to use (CQC insist that equipment is serviced in accordance
    with manufacturer's recommendations)
  • Free delivery
  • Extended life of the handpiece - Better return on investment


    We are giving 450 loyalty points to anyone who sends their NSK handpiece directly to NSK.

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NSK handpieces and maintenance