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SDI is primarily involved in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of specialist dental materials. SDI’s products are a combination of innovation and excellence to provide the ideal restorative materials for the dental profession.

All of SDI’s products are manufactured in Victoria, a state in the south east region of Australia. SDI’s products are sold through distributors and retailers in over 100 countries throughout the world. SDI has offices and warehouses in Chicago, USA; Cologne, Germany; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Founded in 1972, SDI is fast becoming a world leader in specialist dental materials and in 1985, SDI was publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.



SDI Pola provides a range of in practice and take home whitening treatments. The high viscosity, neutral ph tooth whitening gels ensure the greatest patient comfort in a take home kit. The unique blend of soothers, conditioners and high water content assist in reducing sensitivity. The formation of plaque and tooth decay is significantly reduced.

  • Neutral PH
  • Fluoride releasing
  • Contains desensitising agent
  • Natural soother and conditioner
  • High viscosity

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    What Dental Sky loves about SDI

    • Pola's release of fluoride to remineralise the tooth surface assisting in reducing post-operative sensitivity.
    • The Pola Day and Pola Night gels contain a desensitising agent which acts on the nerve endings, and desensitises them at the pulp-dentin border.
    • Pola Day and Pola Night’s neutral pH ensures the full release of the peroxide without jeopardising patient comfort.
    • The high viscosity of Pola ensures it can be easily and securely placed into the tray and remains in the tray for the entire procedure.
    • GS-80's high strength and positive dimensional change ensures longevity and patient satisfaction.
    • GS-80's consistent mix, ease of loading, placement in preparations, condensability, burnishability, quality of interproximal contact, carvability, and setting characteristics ensure the final restorations meet the needs of the operator.
    • The SDI capsule system is designed to give consistent and accurate mixes every mix.
    • Riva Self Cure does not contain resin eliminating the problem of volumetric shrinkage after curing. Sensitivity, resulting from microleakage associated with shrinkage does not occur.
    • Riva Self Cure can be bulk filled to minimize chair time.
    • Riva Self Cure is the ideal restorative material for use in minimally invasive dentistry (MID) as it is a bioactive material which prevents caries from occurring.
    • Riva Self Cure utilizes SDI’s proprietary ionglass™ filler developed by our glass technologists. ionglass™ is a radiopaque, high ion releasing, bioactive glass used in SDI’s range of glass ionomer products.

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