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Infection prevention is a topic of growing importance as more and more micro-organisms are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Thus, there is a growing need to prevent infection from the outset. For example, roughly a quarter of all hospital infections could be avoided with the right measures. At schülke, the longest worldwide experience in this field is incorporated in a targeted and comprehensive hygiene management system. Since 1889, they have been developing first-class preparations and offering their customers expert advice and an extensive range of services.

Schülke’s mission is to combat risks to humans and materials. With a wide range of highly specific products, expert advice and reliable service, they are able to create holistic hygiene solutions for customers all over the world. Effective protection against infection and contamination is their principle task.

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Surface disinfection

Schulke Mikrozid


Mikrozid from Schulke is a dual action cleaner and disinfectant for working surfaces. Mikrozid is available as liquid and and wipes as well as alcohol, alcohol free and universal.

  • Dual action cleaning and disinfection.
  • Added surfactants for boosted cleaning performance.
  • Effective against bacteria (inc. TB), yeast and virsues (inc. HBV, HIV, HCV and Rotavirus).
  • Quick drying.

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Hand Sanitisation

Desderman Pure

Desderman from Schulke is an alcohol hand rub for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection available in both gel and liquid form.

  • Kills Norovirus in 15 seconds.
  • Hygienic disinfection in 60 seconds.
  • Surgical disinfection in 90 seconds.
  • Contains balanced emollients meaning frequent use will not dry out your skin
  • Colour and perfume free to reduce allergic and skin irritation.

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Schulke Desderman

Instrument Disinfection

Schulke Gigasept FF

Gigasept FF

Gigasept FF from Schulke is a formaldehyde free cleaner and high level disinfectant.

  • Broad spectrum of action.
  • Suitable for treatment of heavily contaminated instruments.
  • Outstanding material compatibility.
  • 14 days standing time.

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Aspiration Sanitisation


Aspirmatic from Schulke is a cost effective, multi purpose cleaning, disinfection and deodoriser of dental suction systems and spittoons.

  • Non foaming solution.
  • Economical: makes 100L in-use solution.
  • For amalgam traps of all kinds.
  • Fresh fragance.
  • Simple and safe handling.

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Schulke Aspirmatic
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    What Dental Sky loves about Schülke

    • Schülke's business philosophy is centred around hygiene and preservation.
    • schülke’s mission is to combat risks to humans and materials.
    • With a wide range of highly specific products, expert advice and reliable service, they create holistic hygiene solutions.
    • Schülke are constantly at your disposal to provide competent advice - whether regarding products or applications or to answer enquiries about official regulations and requirements.
    • Schülke support you with training in all aspects of infection prevention and industrial hygiene.
    • Schülke solutions are valued and used throughout the world.
    • Schülke has a whole informtation portal platform dedicated to hygiene and infection prevention.
    • Schülke has all of its product information Sheets and Safety data sheets accessible via their download centre.
    • Schülke subject themselves to regular self-critical reviews carried out using an internal and external review system to provide exemplary products and service.

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