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So, who are Kavo?

German engineering is known for its masterpieces around the world. KaVo handpieces - developed, engineered and manufactured in Germany - are a part of this continuum of quality products developed with precision, professionalism and pride for more than a century.

Flexibility, efficiency, adaptability and safety. Excellent characteristics in today’s work life across any profession.

With a range of exchangeable heads to open up an astonishing array of treatment possibilities; Direct Stop Technology (DST) to enhance hygiene and safety and patented head-knee-angle combinations to improve visibility and treatment comfort, KaVo instruments help you achieve the best clinical results, just like another member of your dental team!


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Choice Picks

    What Dental Sky loves about KaVo.

    • Direct stop technology - The M9000 stops from 780 km/h to 0 km/h in 1 second preventing suckback and reducing the risk of accidental damage in your patient’s mouth.
    • Triple-Gear technology within a wide range of KaVo handpieces enables quiet operation (55 dB(A)) without bothersome vibrations, which makes it comfortable both for the patient and the dental staff.
    • Gripping sleeve on the Prophyflex rotates 360° for easy work even in difficult-to-access areas.
    • One touch auto calibration on the Expertsurg unit guarantees precise speed and torque.

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