BlancOne Arcus: Whitening Lamp With Wheels

  • BlancOne - A new approach to teeth whitening
  • BlancOne - The safe and effective whitening treatment that respects your teeth!
BlancOne Arcus: Whitening Lamp With Wheels
BlancOne Arcus is an Arc light used to photoactivate BlancOne whitening treatments [DETAILS]
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BlancOne Arcus: Whitening Lamp With Wheels

BlancOne Arcus is an Arc light used to photoactivate BlancOne whitening treatments

Choose the revolutionary BlancOne whitening treatments for your practice, the only professional cosmetic treatments with low release of hydrogen peroxide (< 6%), totally safe and effective.

The European Directive 84/2011 is, on an international level, the regulation regarding whitening treatments which best protect customers.

Only benefits both for patients and dental professionals

Totally in line with this regulation, BlancOne introduces for the first time a line of cosmetic whitening treatments combining the safety of low hydrogen peroxide percentages and the competence of dental professionals together with immediate results, absence of side effects and the low prices sought after by your patients. Thanks to the BlancOne technology, whitening becomes a cosmetic treatment available to all, with excellent results in just a few minutes gentle to the enamel and the gingival tissues; the BlancOne are the only cosmetic in office treatments which do not require gingival barriers, desensitising and remineralising agents.

An easier way to maintain a white smile

Without irritating mucous membranes, dehydrating the enamel and inducing sensitivity during or after the whitening treatment, in office BlancOne treatments offer a comfortable and pleasant experience for all patients and, thanks to their reasonable price, they can be repeated often or combined with home treatments to increase their durability.

It all starts with a CLICK

Offer your patients this amazing opportunity now. For the first time you can combine the hygiene session and the whitening treatment thanks to BlancOne CLICK, the first treatment accessible to all, in a safe, effective and accessible way which will motivate your patients to follow a routine for the health and beauty of their smile.

This revolutionary whitening treatment will draw other happy patients to your practice

Thanks to the innovative BlancOne technology we have made the 16% (HP 5.6%) carbamide peroxide effective in just 10 minutes without gingival barriers! All your patients will enjoy, right after the hygiene session, a visibly whiter and brighter smile at a very competitive price and without sensitivity issues!

An innovative technology for the benefit of all

Having the chance of performing the whitening treatment in your office without having to use gingival barriers and right after the hygiene session, will have an amazing effect on your patients: they will be able to look in the mirror and see what they have always wished for, a whiter and brighter smile!

Even if nobody ever mentions this, your patients expect the dental hygiene to leave their teeth even whiter. The hygiene session is the perfect moment to satisfy this wish. But you cannot obtain this with other treatments because they are too long, invasive and they need the use of gingival barriers, which is incompatible with the bleeding and traumatised gums typical of the hygiene session.

It’s amazing to see the level satisfaction which you can obtain in an extra ten minutes, just after each session, and how the dental hygiene can be enhanced by this simple addition.

The fast action of BlancOne whitening gel, photo-activated by the lamp without producing heat, allows you to offer your patient, without dehydration nor sensitivity, a real improvement of the tone of white.

Naturally and with no more fears or doubts concerning whitening treatments, patients will start considering their hygiene session as an essential and regular appointment to maintain a white and healthy smile and will go through intensive treatments to obtain an even more intense and lasting tone of white.

BlancOne Arcus Whitening Lamp:

  • More practical and effective than curing lights, the ARCUS bleaching light is the best way to activate BlancOne®. Thanks to an effective 10-led arc light, the bleaching gel is simultaneously activated on both arches, including the sides, without any operator intervention.
  • Faster and more professional in-office treatment - The use of a special light makes the treatment more professional in the eyes of the patient. The constant irradiation activates the gel faster, reducing the treatment time while increasing patient comfort.

Technical data

  • Light intensity: More than 600 mW/cm2
  • Wavelength: Blue light (430-490 nm)
  • Light source: 10 LED x 5 W (50 W)
  • Timer: 10 sec - 99 min.
  • Audible signal: Every minute
  • Cooling: Microfans
  • Safety goggles: 2 pairs included
  • Power supply: Mains 220V
  • Height: 130cm
  • Weight: 9.7kg


  • Light-emitting head
  • Base with 5 spokes
  • Vertical support
  • Horizontal arm with counterweight
  • 2 pairs of safety goggles


Additional Information

Additional Information

Short DescriptionBlancOne Arcus is an Arc light used to photoactivate BlancOne whitening treatments
PresentationBleaching lamp

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